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As an analog photographer you are likely to work with old, mechanical cameras. Those cameras often lack in accuracy with their shutter-speeds, resulting in over- or underexposed photos. "Shutter-Speed" allows you to measure the shutter-speeds of your cameras simply with your smartphone, without the need of bulky equipment. The measured values can then be saved to a table. Additionally, the app automatically calculates a correction value in thirds of an f-stop. Hereby, even when your camera is inaccurate, the app tells you how to make accurate exposures !How does this work ?The App is based on an acoustic measurement-method: When you release the shutter of a camera, it makes a shutter-release-sound, which is caused by the opening and closing of the shutter. The App records this sound and displays a graphical waveform of it on the screen. Both the opening and the closing of the shutter produce a peak in the waveform. The distance between those peaks equals the shutter-speed.
Of course, the accuracy of this acoustic measurement has it's limits. It will give good results with slow speeds up to about 1/30 and 1/60. Leaf-shutters work better than SLR's and focal-plane-shutters, because they produce less noise which distorts the signal.
If you want more accuracy and be able to measure speeds up to 1/500, you can purchase a "PhotoPlug". This is a hardware-extension for the app, which allows you to measure the actual amount of light passing through the camera, instead of sound. The PhotoPlug is a small, 3cm long device which fits into the headphone jack of our smartphone. Once it is plugged in, it converts light into electrical signals, allowing you to make real light-measurements with your smartphone !
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